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  • About online shopping

    In 2021, we opened an online shopping site.

    Feel free to enjoy the taste of this facility on the Internet.

    Please use it to upgrade your home time.
    ※We accept orders by phone or fax as before.
     If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    ※The online shop will jump to the BASE page.
  • Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan mail order set

    ●"Kyoto master crafts crab sukinabe set"(With vegetables)...¥ 13,200
    ●"Kyoto master crafts crab sukinabe set"(Without vegetables)...¥ 12,100
    →Japan's only make the Present craftmanship cuisine and Present craftmanship a full-fledged Kanisuki cuisine can be enjoyed at home.
     Traditional soup stock that uses the taste of ingredients, such as shavings of fish.
     Tango Koshihikari Please enjoy high quality ingredients such as rice and Kyoto vegetables together.

    ●"Taiza Port Nodoguro Sansho”...¥ 4,400
    →Taiza Port high-grade gourd landed at Majin Port with bonito black soy sauce, real Sansho, sake, and mirin
     It is a dish with the scent of Japanese pepper, including the boiled plumpness.

    ●"Taiza Port Steamed black abalone"...¥ 4,950
    →You can enjoy the condensed flavor by steaming the abalone landed at Taiza Port for 10 hours.

    ●Sudachi vinegar...¥1,000
    →Genuine Sudachi vinegar made with 100% Sudachi juice, which is a luxurious use of Tokushima Sudachi.
     Sweet and sour vinegar finished with passion soy sauce and sugar.

    ●Yuzupon vinegar...¥900
    →A rich ponzu vinegar that has been carefully aged with plenty of Rishiri kelp.
     Use it for meat dishes as well as hot pot dishes.I pulled out the richness with the hidden garlic.

    ●Sesame ponzu vinegar...¥1,000
    →A creamy sesame seed with yuzu juice for a refreshing, deep and exquisite balance.
     The hidden taste of konbu and garlic added a little is delicious.

    ●Bonito black soy sauce...¥900
    →It is a very mellow soy sauce with a strong bonito aroma.
     Just add a little to the usual soy sauce for a luxurious taste with richness and flavor.
     It is also recommended to add a small amount when boiling.

    ●Tosa-zu Vinegar...¥900
    →A YOSHINOYA's Secret Soup Stock vinegar with domestic rice vinegar added with YOSHINOYA's Secret Soup Stock sauce YOSHINOYA's Secret Soup Stock seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, and sake.
     It has no habit and can be used for any dish.

    ●"Kyoto Masters Seasoning set(5 pieces)...5,500yen
    →A set of yuzupon vinegar, sesame ponzu, bonito black soy sauce, sudachi vinegar, and Tosa-zu Vinegar.
     It can be used for various occasions such as mid-year gifts and year-end gifts.

    We accept orders by phone, fax, or email.
    Please feel free to contact us.
    Tel:0772-75-2284 / FAX:0772-75-0330 / E-mai:yoshinoya@taiza.jp