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There used to be a very happy time.Everyone believed that dreams would come true, I liked curiosity and new things, I knew the skillful and real stylish, I also cried in the color of the sensitive and red sunset ... To such a time ...There is that nostalgic Showa that I longed for not having stopped.It is a time without color fading like a favorite phrase of a famous board that I heard enough to wear out.Space where the storytellers of the good old days were decorated smallly.And it is a model of Japanese made by an American who was fascinated by Japan, which I have never seen before.Everyone is an admiration for that era, it is an appearance of a desire to recruit.
  • "Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan"

    "Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan"Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan"is an Taiza Onsen Town" Many of the Ganso Tango of Kani full-course · highest grade Taiza Crab no Yado "as many in various media such as television and magazines We are a well-established inn.The place of our inn is located in the Tango Peninsula, Taiza northern Kyoto, a quiet Fisherman Town with various seafood gathered facing the Sea of ​​Japan.

    Here, as a delicious dish in Tango and Sanjin, there are fresh and seasonal seasonal seafood such as crab, shrimp, salmon, sea urchin, squid, yellowtail, etc., as well as crab, which is the finest pine leaf crab that is to be regarded as a phantom. You can enjoy it in minutes. Together, please enjoy the trip of the Kyoto Tango Peninsula and the Taiza with "Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan".

  • Lobby · Entrance

    Good sound and time never rubs.
    When you go up as beautiful wooden pillar approach as if you go back in time, it is an ensemble of nostalgic sounds and colors, and light.The staircase dance insists on dignity, and the Venetian glass shines fleetingly.Please have a scented coffee that you pointed at in the mountains.
  • Dining Hall

    At the end of a linen wall of a linen cloth and a lattice door,
    It is a restaurant of YOSHINOYA boast that responded to every request of you.It is a main dining room which allows you to relax and enjoy a maximum of 50 people at once as it is a space that keeps the room feeling as it is small and it is divided as much as possible to the seats.You can also feel free to eat alone, such as charcoal grilling of fish shellfish or crab meat.In addition, we have prepared a private room.(8 rooms in total, corresponding to 2 to 4 people)
  • The history of YOSHINOYA no YOSHINOYA

    Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2007 since its founding in 1928.
    I am deeply grateful that this is also thanks to the customers and many other people who have supported me.
  • YOSHINOYA historical chronology, founded earlier (late Taisho (time period) ~ Showa BC)

    The first generation went through the textile industry and raw silk industry, and was running a noodle shop.At the time, the first generation did business like this, went out to the sea with a small ferryboat, and also had fishery.From the relationship of business of the parents' family in the earlier days, about the work of the textile industry in Nishijin in Kyoto, the division of goodwill (goodwill) in the textile industry was very difficult at that time, gave up on the textile industry, gave up in Kyoto I am going to study chefs at a restaurant.

    Showa Taiza Port
    Establishment period(Showa 4 - Showa 30)
    And it closed the noodle shop in the wake of the Tango Great Earthquake Disaster of Showa, the before last bill as a chef, to founding the cooking inn.The name of the company was named Yoshinoya from the name of the first service manager. After that we got married and a new generation was born.The second generation who was a chef died when the previous generation was a third grader in elementary school (Showa 16).After that, it hired Itaba, and the first generation and the second generation service manager put up Yoshinoya. The business form at that time was closer to the restaurant than the ryokan business, and there were nearly 30 geisha people, and it developed as a place to host local husband and guests from Nishijin.
  • Development phase(Showa 30)

    Preceded in order to take over a is Yoshinoya home, after graduating from high school, sin cooking training in fish length of the Nakagyo Ward Kyoto City , homecoming in Showa Yoshinoya the third generation of the Yoshinoya, and as the chief chef, the first generation, second generation with a focus on development of the Yoshinoya service manager. Showa married in 1945 and become the era of the 3rd generation service manager, put power in accommodation as a ryokan and enrich the original ryokan work.

    Rashimoto Japan is entering a period of high economic growth, until then, "travel" which was regarded as luxury and belonged to some people became a pleasure for the public, especially the summer bathing will become established as a major event of the family .Dozens of inns and inns have also been born in Town of Taiza, and Shimogahama Beach has been crowded with many families.
  • Development phase(Showa 40's)

    Yoshinoya has gained a good reputation as a delicious hotel for cooking. The reputation reaches the city of Kyoto, and it becomes a station for the location team of movies such as Daiei, Nikkatsu, Toei and Shochiku.However, not only that but also the 3 rd generation will start studying the fresh crab recipe that will be picked up at the Taiza Port in order to let Taiza know that the attractiveness of the Taiza is not only summer.I spent a month from Showa two years later to complete the soup of Yoshinoya, which is acclaimed as the golden soup. But not satisfied with this, further immersed in the cuisine of research, produce not itself "when finished the body is trembling," said the "washing of the crab" and "real crab sashimi", the first time in the last Showa Tango I completed "crab full course".
  • Mature period(Showa 50 - Showa 60 's)

    Showa it is a rocket of the movie which gradually increased since the 1960s, it increased the number at once by the construction work of the Showa in 1973, and will acquire many fans even among the entertainers who are enjoying gourmet food everyday .In particular, I love the Mr. Shintaro Katsu Yoshinoya, who visited Shigeku foot in between Kyoto shooting. In addition, Morishige Hisaya has donated a sentence beginning with the Be generous like ocean"in Be generous like ocean", and after returning home, I have been giving a note to the scroll as a letter of thank you .Such voices are also transmitted to the mass media, and they will appear on TV programs as often.Beside that, as a sightseeing association chief, we will gather regional chefs and hold a seminar for Crab Cuisine, and strive to brand the Taiza Crab.In cooperation with fishermen, fishermen's cooperatives, water associations, sightseeing associations, inn ryokan associations, etc., as a result of regional activities, Japan's first brand crab and Taiza Crab was born this time.They have been passed from age to "Yoshinoya" to "YOSHINOYA".