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We tell the way up to Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan in the Tango Peninsula northernmost town TaizaPlease come by train, car, high-speed bus, etc. with the best means suited to you, while enjoying nature rich Tango.
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Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan


1297-3 Taiza, Tango Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

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Train: About 20 minutes from Kyoto Tango Railway · Amino Station Free transfer available (reservation needed) / car: approximately 30 minutes by car from Kyotango Omiya IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Kyoto Tango Railway will pick you up for Kyoto Tango Railway Amino Station free of charge.Please make a reservation by the day before your stay.

Opened "Kyotango Omiya IC" on October 30, 2016, improved access to Tango

Kyoto Jukan Expressway Yosa Amanohashidate IC ( Miyazu City ) - Kyotango Omiya IC ( Kyotango City ) was opened on October 30,The nearest IC of the hotel also changes to Kyotango Omiya IC and the North Kinki and Tango are much closer.Meishin Expressway from the Meishin Expressway lead Oyamazaki JCT until Kyotango Omiya IC ( Kyotango City ) is connected by a 90-minute, accessible from Kyoto and Osaka area has become more convenient.On this occasion, please come to Sea of Kyoto and Tango in Sea of Kyoto.
  • When using a car

    Kyoto(Duration 2 hours)
    Kyoto Jukan Expressway ~ Sanin Kinki Expressway ~ Kyotango Omiya IC ~ R655 to R53 to R482

    Osaka, (Duration 2 hours)
    Maizuru Wakasa Expressway ~ Kyoto Jukan Expressway ~ Sanin Kinki Expressway ~ Kyotango Omiya IC ~ R655 to R53 to R482

    Sanin Kinki Highway "Kyotango Omiya IC" way from the journey (required time 30 minutes)
    Sanin Kinki Expressway"Kyotango Omiya IC" → R655 → R53 → R482 → Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan

    About parking lot
    Number of parkable cars: 20 cars
    Parking Fee(One): Free
  • Access by train

    ·JR Osaka Station → 30 minutes by JR limited express tango Explorer Amino Station → Amino Station Tankai bus from the Amino Station Taiza bound)
    ·JR Kyoto Station → 30 minutes by Get off at JR Limited Express Tango Discovery Amino Station → Amino Station Tankai bus from the Amino Station Taiza bound)

    ※There is a transfer from our hotel to Kyoto Tango Railway · Amino Station.(Reservation required before 1 day)
  • High speed coupling bus

    In case of coming from Kyoto Line, you can get to the hotel quickly and cheaply by using "Kyoto Line" high-speed bus for Tango Kaiun Kotsu.After getting off at the terminal stop "Taiza", it is the hotel in 9 minutes on foot.
  • About Taiza

    From Kyoto, Osaka etc to about 3 hours nostalgic Japanese countryside scenery, to the Tango Peninsula Taiza full of taste of the seaside Fisherman Town.Please enjoy a nostalgic and beautiful retro modern Japanese trip.
  • Town of Taiza and Taiza Port

    While Rias Coastline along the Rias Coastline facing the Sea of ​​Japan, Town of Taiza of Town of Taiza is a peaceful and quiet town.It seems like a time slip in the Showa as if old townscapes, a narrow alleys, I feel that it makes me feel fresh anyhow.It is a perfect place to spend a relaxing walk and relax."Taiza Port" is the Taiza Port is the center of a small town surrounded by rich nature.Looking at Town of Taiza from the hill, it is strange that all the houses are building towards the harbor.That is the town where people and the sea are alive together.Taiza, various marine products such as abalone, red sea bream, red crown, flounder, trigye, berry, squid, Gushi (Aka amida), Sazae, Anko, oyster, seaweed etc. gather.The Taiza Port of the most significant feature is the harbor, especially large and of good quality snow crab (Matsuba crab) is caught in coastal waters from its geographical environment.During this time Taiza products's marine products are known as one brand as well as Taiza Crab.
  • Place name as an Taiza

    The place name of the Taiza was called "Ohama-no-Sato" a long time ago.At the time, Anahobe-no-Hashihito-no-Himemiko, the living Mother of Shotoku Taishi Anahobe-no-Hashihito-no-Himemiko, is said to be a battle of accepting Japanese Buddhism at Tango in order to escape from "Battle Mononobe Aso / We set ourselves and bowed.Before long strife is ended, when returning to the capital, and thanks to the hospitality of the people of Ohama during the stay was made any Blingee is my its name Hashi Udo the Hashi Udo as the name of the village.However, people are told that "because it is fearful to call the name of the Empress as it is", it was said that the Taiza was "Taiza" due to the fact that the Empress had left the land.