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【Official】Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan

Enjoy the "gastronomy" created to draw as much as you want

It is a long-established cuisine inn in the small Fisherman Town and Taiza in Umi-no-Kyoto of the Umi-no-Kyoto, founded for 90 years.
Enjoy the gastronomic "Umi-no-Kyo-Ryori" that the Umi-no-Kyo-Ryori is passionate about and created for drawing.
Spring is an oversized "Meval" that was caught by a pilot.
"Rock oysters" called Ocean milk of the Ocean milk summer, "Tall mussels" high in calling with the shells in Japan and the "Terunami" caught by Taiza
Autumn is "throat black" in the Sea of ​​Japan with greasy or "abalone" which is not satisfactory in the texture of Korikori
In the winter, it is captured by only five ships landing at Very Rare Taiza Crab Taiza Fishing Port"Very Rare Taiza Crab"
You can taste the delicious seasonal Taiza of Tango / Taiza every season!
Enjoy the art bath and gastronomy designed by an American sculptor.

Kyoto charm rediscovery trip project

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    The accommodation period is from December 1st to December 27th.
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    ①Residing in Japan.
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    ②Up to 3,000 yen discount per person from the accommodation reservation price
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    ※This facility does not cover day trip meals.
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Hotel Facilities

  • "Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan"

    "Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan"Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan"is an Taiza Onsen Town" Many of the Ganso Tango of Kani full-course · highest grade Taiza Crab no Yado "as many in various media such as television and magazines We are a well-established inn.The place of our inn is located in the Tango Peninsula, Taiza northern Kyoto, a quiet Fisherman Town with various seafood gathered facing the Sea of ​​Japan.

    Here, as a delicious dish in Tango and Sanjin, there are fresh and seasonal seasonal seafood such as crab, shrimp, salmon, sea urchin, squid, yellowtail, etc., as well as crab, which is the finest pine leaf crab that is to be regarded as a phantom. You can enjoy it in minutes. Together, please enjoy the trip of the Kyoto Tango Peninsula and the Taiza with "Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan".

  • Lobby · Entrance

    Good sound and time never rubs.
    When you go up as beautiful wooden pillar approach as if you go back in time, it is an ensemble of nostalgic sounds and colors, and light.The staircase dance insists on dignity, and the Venetian glass shines fleetingly.Please have a scented coffee that you pointed at in the mountains.
  • Dining Hall

    At the end of a linen wall of a linen cloth and a lattice door,
    It is a restaurant of YOSHINOYA boast that responded to every request of you.It is a main dining room which allows you to relax and enjoy a maximum of 50 people at once as it is a space that keeps the room feeling as it is small and it is divided as much as possible to the seats.You can also feel free to eat alone, such as charcoal grilling of fish shellfish or crab meat.In addition, we have prepared a private room.(8 rooms in total, corresponding to 2 to 4 people)
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Hotel Name

Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan


1297-3 Taiza, Tango Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

Telephone number



Train: About 20 minutes from Kyoto Tango Railway · Amino Station Free transfer available (reservation needed) / car: approximately 30 minutes by car from Kyotango Omiya IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Kyoto Tango Railway will pick you up for Kyoto Tango Railway Amino Station free of charge.Please make a reservation by the day before your stay.

※EV charging station no (Nearest EV stand:Road Station Tenki Tenki Tango)
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  • Lunch reservation

    Lunch reservations can be made by phone or email.

    ※Lunch is not available on Thursdays, days before holidays, Golden Week, and late July to August.
    ※The restaurant is a private room with a view of the sea or a private room on the mountain side, dining room
     I will prepare.
    ※Meals are from 11:00 to 15:00.
    ※Bathing is charged separately for 1,100 yen (tax included) per person.

      Contact information
      Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan
      Tel: 0772-75-2284

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【Crab · Inn where a Present craftmanship was awarded】Very Rare Taiza Crab"Very Rare Taiza Crab"

  • Crab Cuisine awarded the best Present craftmanship of Present craftmanship Japanese artists in Japan are packed with passion for cooks

    Taiza Crab The Taiza Crab, among the Matsuba Crab is a Sanin Region specialty, is the name given only to those landed in the Tango Peninsula, Taiza Port of Tohoku part. The offshore northernmost Kyogamisaki of Kyoto and the fishing in the day as fishing grounds, Taiza Crab issued to Shokuzen subjected to bidding to return to port on the day was Catch.It's a gem that was picked up in the TV program "which dish show" from its amazing freshness and exquisite meat quality.The clogging is satisfactory "It is different from other crabs" "It is unforgettable once you eat", and although it has been praised and even celebrities and chefs have many fans, it operates with only five small boats There is a limited number because Taiza Crab can not guarantee stable landing, it is prized as an illusion crab.

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10:00 to 21:00