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Taiza Crab

What is the phantom crab "Taiza Crab"?

  • While I can name my name as a phantom crab, a Taiza Crab

    Inverted the word "human" and "Taiza".Taiza Crab The Taiza Crab, Sanin Region (Shimane, Tottori, Hyogo, Kyoto) among the Matsuba Crab is a specialty of, landed in Tohoku part of the Tango Peninsula, Taiza Port It is a name given only to things. The offshore northernmost Kyogamisaki of Kyoto and the fishing in the day as fishing grounds, Taiza Crab issued to Shokuzen subjected to bidding to return to port on the day was Catch Taiza CrabIt's a gem that was picked up in the TV program "which dish show" from its amazing freshness and exquisite meat quality.The clogging is perfect, and it is praised as “unlike other potatoes” and “you can't forget it once you eat”, and it has many fans for celebrities and chefs.
  • Fishermen who put their lives on Taiza Crab

    When the crab reaches the season of season, the fisherman of the Taiza enters five small fishing boats and heads to the fishing ground which is about 40 kilometers off the coast, leaving behind the Taiza Port in the midnight freezing.
    It is a couple of hours to fight against the cold wind blowing and the severe wave splashing.It is the ocean of fertility that inhabits the Taiza Crab the sea floor at a water depth of 200 m to 300 m.However, one plate downwards is a raging winter Japan Sea.This season when the sea is easy to change easily, Taiza Crab fishing always adjoins danger.Began crab fishing in the extremely cold sea, still far from dawn.Eventually, along with the men 's spectacular work, small fishing boats will overflow with the heat of big catch.
    It is kept protected by small five ships that put life on traditional day fishing.
  • The freshness of Taiza Crab the passion of the sea men is born

    Taiza fish Taiza is the closest fishing port to the crab's fishing ground, which is the nearest fishing port, and because the harbor and ship are small, it is possible to fish on a day trip without anchoring at sea.Also, the fishermen who are experts of the Taiza Crab are quick and polite about handling crabs.While fighting time with harsh nature, we fish with a Taiza Crab with extreme care and Taiza Crab.While being harvested, the Taiza Crab is brought to the port quickly while living, so that it will be dropped from the ship so that it will not lower its freshness, you can enter the aquarium containing seawater until just before the bidding begins.The freshness of an Taiza Crab is supported by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of men who want to live Taiza living in the sea.
  • Severe checks by eye-crowds await an Taiza Crab

    There is not compromise in not only freshness but also the screening of the reason why an Taiza Crab is said to be the ultimate crab.In order to protect the quality and differentiate it from other production areas, the fisherman himself checked each one strictly on the ship, and the green tag tagged with the character of "Taiza Crab" and the ship name was handworked I will attach it.Furthermore, after rigorous screening and ranking were done, we went to the battlefield.Even there, the strict eyes of the middleman are waiting.High standards of Taiza Crab are not comparable with other markets.The scare of Taiza Crab is rarely enveloped by the air that flees, and the expression of fishermen and middlemen are also very serious.Only those crabs which have cleared such checks are allowed to be called Taiza Crab, and they are brought to local inns and fine dining places.
  • Tag of the character and the ship name of Taiza Port was written "green" is Taiza Crab testimony

    A green tag attached to an Taiza Crab.It was attached by the hands of the fishermen immediately after being fried on the ship.This tag with the letters and ship name of "Taiza Port" written on it all clarifies all conditions such as clogging, size, weight, scratches and coloring, good or bad shape, degree of growth A proof of a Taiza Crab it fulfilled.It is, so to speak, a guarantee of blissful delicacy.This small tag contains the enthusiasm for fishermen cherishing the Taiza Crab while Taiza Crab and holding the body and telling the customers about their ultimate quality pride.
  • Taiza Crab season

    Many people visit Kyotango in search of this taste from November 7th to March 31st of crab fishermen lifting.
    The final reservation for the Taiza Crab is until March 20th due to crab fishing.