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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a private bath? Is it necessary to make a reservation?

    The hotel has a private bath.

    I did not receive it by telephone reservation,
    Reservations are accepted in order of arrival after arrival.
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  • What is the quality of hot springs?

    The fountain quality of Kanjin Onsen is a very smooth and soft spring quality.
    Therefore, there is little stimulation, you can enjoy from olContinue reading
  • Can I bring in drinks and food?

    From the hygiene point of view, as with regular restaurants
    For drinks during meals,
    I would like to order at the hotel.

    If you like celebrContinue reading
  • In case of food allergy, can you change the meal contents?

    If you can contact us in advance we will respond.
    We would be pleased if you could contact us 3 days in advance.

    Shorenkan Yoshinoya RyokanContinue reading
  • Is there an elevator in the facility?

    I'm sorry.
    There is no elevator in the hotel, it is a staircase.
    Staff will be happy to help you with luggage carriage.

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