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One of the blissful Ryotei Ryokan YOSHINOYA the Ryotei Ryokan YOSHINOYA, where you can enjoy the best of the Umi-no-Kyo-Ryori and the hospitality of, to your heart's content.

Sea kaiseki cuisine at Syorenkan YOSHINOYA, where seasonal ingredients are used to decorate Syorenkan with various seasonal ingredients and locally grown vegetables. I think that you can spend a moment of mind in the space of loose and flowing time, Showa fragrant gentle atmosphere.Please enjoy this deliciously and relaxingly while looking at the Sea of ​​Japan, with this taste and space loved by heart by many famous people representing the times.

Passion for the cooking of YOSHINOYA

  • Very Rare Taiza Crab

  • Taiza Crab Full Course

    Crab's Taste Present craftmanship to bring out the best

    Kyotango's cooking rice second generation manager, "Prefecture's Contemporary Craftman"Fukuyama Katsuhiko
    Fukuyama Katsuhiko (76) cooked from Kyotango City was selected for "Kyoto Prefecture's Contemporary Craftman".Tango figured out the famous Taiza Taiza full course of crab at the local, produced exquisite soup to bring out the best flavor of the crab using, for example, mackerel clause.Cooking seminars held for many years in the local area.It was appreciated that it became a driving force to establish a brand of a Taiza Crab with cooking, brokerage.Fukuyama is the second-generation manager of Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan, a restaurant inn in Tango Town, the same city. The founder 's father died when he was in the third grade of elementary school, and his grandfathers came together to work with power.I graduated from Mineyama High School and trained at a restaurant in Kyoto.Taiza Crab fishery is located in the Tango Peninsula 40 km, and it is excellent in freshness as it can operate on a day trip.I was thinking to create a soup just to bring out the original umami of the crab.Over the course of one year from around 1955, various attempts were repeated to create soup using six kinds of chopsticks such as mackerel.In addition, we devised a "steamed steamed" steaming crabs and shrimps like chawan mushi, using the shell which was thrown away until then.In order to extract the umami of crab sashimi, it produced various ideas such as instant freezing.We held cooking seminars that convey such results to the community for many years.Contributed to establish regional branding and Taiza Crab branding.Although it is said that it is also called "phantom crab" because it is severely screened, Taiza Crab are popular, but the big wave of the economic depression is also raging in the land of Tango.Fukuyama says, "We will make use of the taste of the Taiza Crab.only this one.I think that it will survive whatever the time it takes if you continue to trade in a serious manner. "
    • Taiza Crab Full Course

      Crab stab

      The crystal clear white body is sticky like Kuzumochi, familiar with the tortoise in the tongue, elegant sweetness gradually spreads in your mouth

      Boil it

      It is this boiling crab that you can best understand the difference in taste with other crabs.Please eat as it is or Tosa-zu Vinegar


      Crabs burned with charcoal fire are also exceptional in taste.If the crab's body grows puffy, it is a sign of eating.Miso is also great, so fragrant

      Kannisu soup

      It is a specially made "Golden soup" with miso in miso soup and secret soup stock. It looks like a flower opened by Kanzomi


      A secret soup made using spring water.Before the Kannuki, please put plenty of Kani-miso first, "Kani Miso Soup" please
  • Enjoying the seasons, sending out from the Umi-no-Kyoto, a new sea Kyoto cuisine cuisine.

    Cuisine that has been touted as There is YOSHINOYA in Taiza as a pioneer of the Crab Cuisine, not only Taiza Crab, meat, fish, rice, vegetables, ranging in natural water, trusted The art of taste of the once-in-a-lifetime that interlocks with the Tango's best seasonal ingredients and the sensibility of the chef, selected out of the connections with locals.Craftsmen in Kyoto Fukuyama Katsuhiko's skill and Fukuyama Katsuhiko which was certified as "Craftsmen in Kyoto" reflects the ambience of the Taiza and the stylishness of Japanese cuisine.
  • Autumn cuisine

    With abundant local fish production
    The season when live Nodogro is the most delicious

    Autumn is the Tango fishery with a bottom drawer ban lifting, especially the season where the local fish is abundant.The end of Nodogro is plump and full of flavor, and the taste is also condensed. It is a taste only for this season where you can enjoy the lively Nodogro. In addition, in this season, Matsubara and Yamana are also abundant, and it is the season that became a reason that "Treasure house of ingredients" and Tango are called. Fall, please come and enjoy the rich food ingredients.
  • Winter party meal

    Taiza Crab winter·Matsuba Crab food
    Original·Tango Crab full course

    Taiza Crab are the finest brands of Matsuba Crab. Among the specialty products Off Tango Peninsula the Off Tango Peninsula, and the Matsuba Crab, is the "Taiza Crab" which is considered the highest class. Among the facility crab dishes that bestow the Crab Cuisine Contemporary Master hand, Taiza Crab especially eat in the end finished the one to like soup called the Golden soup of trial and error (I will drink a Golden soup before Kanisuki) Squid is also highly trusted by many celebrities and cooks. Is you want customers the full course of Taiza Crab at a higher dimension, in the "Hana" of YOSHINOYA the whole body, please enjoy the fully the charm of Taiza Crab
  • Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan Chief Chef Ken Saji

    Shorenkan Yoshinoya Ryokan, graduated from a cooking school in Kyoto and obtained a cooking license.Beginning with the apprenticeship at Yoshinoya's kitchen in 2005, the apprenticeship under the former chief chef Fukuyama Wataru touched on real cuisine and laid the foundation for being a cook.For the next 17 years, I always kept in mind the heart and cooking method as a chef inherited from the former chief chef, studied as a chef who inherited the tradition of Kyoto cuisine, and became the chief chef.There is "exquisite ingredients" that is really delicious for Taiza.Without losing the taste of the material, finish it to the superb superb surprise.Enjoy the traditional yet new and splendid taste of "YOSHINOYA's Secret Soup Stock", which was created by the predecessor through many years of experience and trial and error, and is indispensable Umi-no-Kyo-Ryori. please give me.
  • Tradition of taste and technique

    Syorenkan Yoshinoya's passion for cooking is inherited from his predecessor, Fukuyama Katsuhiko. At that time crabs did not have too many variations on how to eat like the present.Anyway, I'd like Taiza to eat crabs Taiza fresh.That feeling and passion was introduced in May 2007 in the Kyoto Shimbun"people" section, "Tango first full-scale crab cooking course". Currently, the predecessor comes out of the field in winter and watches closely whether traditional taste is being protected.
  • Spring Party cuisine

    Enjoy "spring's Geo-no-Megumi" in spring Tango

    The delicate and artistic flavor of the chef and the materials of the Sea of ​​Japan create a splendid harmony, all the cuisines are the protagonists, all of which are delicious.From the soup which draws umami, the supporting roles also play a splendid role, the heart of cook "Fukuyama Wataru" is put in each dish.Tango rarely caught in the wild rough waves, the fish which survived it is landing at spring tide, is blessed with nature "Umi-no-Kyoto" is Geo-no-Megumi of Geo-no-Megumi exactly.There are plenty of mountain favorites such as buds, buds, crows, and sprays.
  • Summer cuisine

    In summer there are big rocks from Tango's etc

    Fresh and tasty local ingredients
    Special dishes made of local ingredients such as fresh oysters, white squid and Nodogro summer are special dishes made from local ingredients in summer. Tango in summer is a treasure trove of "delicious" with outstanding freshness. Special materials such as "Iwagaki", "White Squid", "Boiled Shellfish", "Tobi-Uo" and "Nodogro (rosy seabass)"Nodogro (rosy seabass) will appear according to the fishing of the day. At this time, it is a Fisherman Town"Taiza" that can be offered, only Umi-no-Kyo-Ryori which can be tasted only here.Please enjoy Tango's seafood to your heart's content.