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  2. Coronavirus measures

Coronavirus measures

  • About new coronavirus measures

    We hope that our facilities will provide you with a safe stay.
    As a measure to prevent the new coronavirus from splashing, we will change the business according to the following contents.
    Please understand if you are a customer.

    【About customers visiting】
    ·At the time of admission, we ask for your cooperation in measuring body temperature with a non-contact thermometer.
     Please refrain from entering the museum if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher or are not in good physical condition.
    ·If you experience symptoms such as fever or cough during your stay, or if you are not feeling well,
     Please inform the front desk immediately.
    ·Alcohol disinfectants are installed in various places in this facility, so please disinfect your hands.
    ·We are currently verifying the identity of all customers who use the GoTo Travel Campaign.

    【Check-in / check-out】
    ·Check-in should be done by the representative alone.
    ·If check-ins overlap, we have a standing position.
    ·Please ensure a social distance.
    ·Information will be sent to the front of the room.Information on the facility will be provided in writing.

    【Accommodation Features】
    ·Please wear a mask when moving around the facility except in the room, bathing, and eating.
    ·A transparent acrylic plate is installed on the front counter to prevent splashing.
    ·The chairs in the lobby will be installed at intervals as the case may be.
    ·Common areas inside the pipe, such as stair railings, are sterilized with an alcohol-based disinfectant every 30 minutes.
    ·The chairs and tables of the restaurant are sterilized with an alcohol-based disinfectant each time they are used.

    【About dining venues and offerings】
    ·Meals will be served in private rooms.(Up to 6 people)
    ·Groups will be prepared in the hall to avoid crowding.
    ·At dinner, we will explain the contents of the dish on the menu.
    ·Staff at mealtime will wear masks and entry to the room will be minimal.
    ·You may be asked to stagger your time for both dinner and breakfast.

    【About the public bath】
    ·Please understand that we may limit the bathing time.
    ·A large circulator will be installed at the dressing area to ventilate the area on a regular basis.

    【About the staff】
    ·Our employees measure their body temperature every day before going to work and always disinfect their hands.
    ·All employees wear masks when working to prevent droplet infections. 
    ·Our employees are at work, after going out, before meals, during customer service, etc.
     We thoroughly practice hand washing and gargling.